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Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: TimeSignature with note in denominator
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2021 16:09:20 -0500

Hi again,

>> But it would seem better to let the parser do the work by having the 
>> function accept a ly:duration? directly.  Certainly, it would be easier to 
>> use:
>> %%%%
>> \timeII 3 4.  % logically \time 9/8
>> %%%%
> I considered a separate function, but rejected the idea for several reasons 
> (backwards compatibility, incompatibility with “stylesheet” mentality, etc.).


Thinking about it a little more, I realize that (a) there really isn’t a 
backwards compatibility issue *unless* I change \time itself; and (2) as long 
as \timeII outputs TimeSignatureMusic, “stylesheets” will still apply fine 
across all TimeSignatures [regardless of what function creates them].

So: In your opinion, would adding a new function be superior overall to 
“improving” the existing \time function?


Kieren MacMillan, composer (he/him/his)
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