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Re: feasibilty question: simple GUI for web-based Lilypond instance

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: feasibilty question: simple GUI for web-based Lilypond instance
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 23:02:34 -0400

Hi Andrew,

> Is it that you want more than one person to edit the LilyPond source
> simultaneously?

Not literally simultaneously… but "at the same time" (q.v. Lilybin). That is, 
we could be on Zoom (or whatever) talking about the music, and the student and 
I could alternately edit and save the file (which the other could then see 

> Why could you not have the source file on say Google Drive, reflected
> to the local computer, and edit with local LilyPond/Frescobaldi?

I want to essentially eliminate the need for the students (or, in my wider 
vision, the general user) to install anything on their personal device.

In February 2013, I wrote out a piccolo part for the overture to one of my 
musicals **at 7:30PM on opening night, in a browser (lilybin) on a computer in 
the theatre box office, which I then generated as a PDF and printed on the box 
office printer, and then handed it to the wind player at 7:55PM in time for the 
8:00PM downbeat**.

That was one of the most inspiring, empowering, and impressive things I’ve ever 
done — as in, it impressed me, and everyone in the orchestra, that it could 
even be done! But I happen(ed) to know how to code Lilypond files by hand; 
otherwise, I couldn’t have done that.

I want to give music educators and their students that kind of power and 
flexibility, without requiring them to learn how to write Lilypond code from 


Kieren MacMillan, composer (he/him/his)
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