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Re: stable/2.22 has branched; master is 2.23.0

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: stable/2.22 has branched; master is 2.23.0
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 20:01:50 +0200
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Le 21/10/2020 à 17:35, Jonas Hahnfeld a écrit :

sorry, I forgot to reply here...

Am Samstag, den 17.10.2020, 10:15 +0200 schrieb Jean-Charles
I'll appreciate anybody first checking I've not not affected a wrong

Some things I noticed after looking at
  - I'd put a few items into a section "Input file improvements":
    * "All input languages (\language statement) can be entered using
their proper UTF-8 spelling"
    * "The \partcombine command [...] are now written with a capital C"
    * Change of relative-include
    * Unicode filenames on Windows
  - "Fret-diagrams may now be printed left-handed" probably belongs to
"Unfretted and fretted string instrument improvements"?

A few more general thoughts:
  - There are two entries about skylines taking rotation into account?
  - Some SVG changes were already part of 2.20 (output-classic-
framework, -dclip-systems, -dcrop).

I think we need an English version that we can all take a look at and
iterate on (I live in France since a few weeks, but I certainly don't
know all the French terms for music notation!). Would you be able to
come up with an initial proposal based on your work on the French
version and the above items?

Sure, but not before Saturday night, since I'm trying to understand why snippets get translated in 2.21.7 on but not on my box (I've updated about 250 fr/texidocs and wanted to check how they appear) and check-translation gives me some strange messages like

warning: fr/essay/engraving.itely: 128 fatal: path 'Documentation/user/engraving.itely' does not exist in 'e9e5be535bfffbd50f33dfce3a8ee47b39e42bb5'

despite the fact I'm sure I was up to date with d75b86de1363084c28cebde4eea5fe56a657975a on 2020/09/12.


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