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Re: plan for branching

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Re: plan for branching
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 15:38:18 +0200
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Am 13.10.2020 um 15:11 schrieb Jonas Hahnfeld:
With the localization issues hopefully resolved and no objecting
comments to the last thread, I think we should go ahead and create
stable/2.22, with release candidates (2.21.8x) on the road to 2.22.0.

After creating the branch, I will (unless somebody doesn't want me to
do this and volunteers to do the work; see also below):
  - bump master to 2.23.0, in preparation for the next cycle;
  - bump stable/2.22 to 2.21.80, in preparation for the first release
  - merge and / or forward the translation branch to stable/2.22.

As a result,
  - release candidates are cut from stable/2.22;
  - master is open again for feature development etc., eventually
released as 2.23.0 after 2.22.0 is done (note that it would be helpful
to avoid large-scale changes that complicate the following points);
  - fixes are developed, reviewed, and merged to master via the usual
countdown cycle and cherry-picked into stable/2.22 once landed;
Sounds good. But my knowledge about these things is very limited, so
my opinion is possibly not that well-grounded...
  - the same goes for the English documentation, which may be cherry-
picked into stable/2.22 if applicable;
  - in contrast, translation targets the stable/2.22 branch to restrict
the documentation to what's in there; I will try to cherry-pick those
commits to master to avoid a similar situation we had after 2.20.
Did I get this right:
* _Fixes_ for the English documentation are applied to master and
cherry-picked to stable/2.22
(Would this apply for restructuring work like the recent CG edits, too?
Or would they not be cherry-picked?)
* 'master' will not be merged into 'translation' (and vice versa) until
2.22.0 is out, instead 'stable/2.22' will
be regularly merged into 'translation' and back. (Rationale: Do not let
translators spend useless work on
translation documentation for unstable features in 'master' that are in
* You will cherry-pick work in 'translation' during the upcoming period
(before 2.22.0) to master that the work
does not get lost
Thoughts? Something I forgot?

Thank you, Jonas, for all your effort!

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