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Use of ly:expect-warning in regtests

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Use of ly:expect-warning in regtests
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2020 14:24:20 +0200
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Hi all,
while fixing the issue Dan brought up (ottavation markups and MIDI
output) and looking
through the existing regtest, I noticed that it
does output a warning (as intended).
Other regtests, however, use ly:expect-warning to suppress these
warnings and output a new warning instead, if
the expected warning is missing.

Some "statistics":
Regtests, that _do_ output a warning

grep 'warning: ' lilypond/build/input/regression/out-test-baseline/*.log
| wc -l
(There are some warnings for missing expected warnings included, however)

Regtests, that use ly:expect-warning

git grep '(ly:expect-warning' input/regression/* | wc -l

Some use ly:expect-warning in combination with ly:set-option
Mostly they set it to #f:

git grep "(ly:set-option 'warning-as-error #f" input/regression/* | wc -l

But some set it to #t:
git grep "(ly:set-option 'warning-as-error #t" input/regression/* | wc -l

Normally, 'warning-as-error is set to #f, anyway. Why is it necessary to
manually set it to #f?

It would be great if somebody could enlighten me here and tell me the
underlying policy,
what is considered good practise for the regtests. (if there is any)

Thanks in advance,

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