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GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: GSoC-2020 update: Jul 31
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:01:18 -0700

Hi all,

Thanks for your encouragement from last week! I took Monday off and made
sure not to overwork myself this week.

I tried posting to the public-music-notation-contrib mailing list with my
SMuFL proposals, but it turns out you have to be a member of the group to
do so. SMuFL's specs offered an alternative, namely, posting suggestions as
issues on GitHub. So, I opened issues #130 and #131 on the tracker there.
Hopefully they'll get somewhere.

I also attempted to send an email to FontForge's mailing list regarding the
failure to create a TTC, but ran into a file size limit because I attached
example .otf files. I could just link to a one-time-use GitHub/Lab repo,
but I was wondering--is there a better place to store once-and-done files

In the meantime, I've gotten Bravura glyphs to appear on the page! After
much digging and a short foray into PostScript, I realized that LilyPond
was still asking fonts for glyphs with old-style LilyPond names, regardless
of the font's actual glyphnames. So I created a new function that returned
a font's actual glyphname for a particular index, and asked for that

The first time I ran LilyPond on Bravura successfully, it appeared
beautifully on the page (and, to my relief, already at the correct scale).
Everything worked, other than the braces, which are still expected to be
from a separate font, and the stems, which were appearing in the middle of
the notes. Luckily, the stem issue turned out to be a typo. I had LilyPond
generate and look for a "glyphsWithBBoxes" metadata object, but the
specification asked for "glyphBBoxes". With that taken care of, I was able
to get a pretty good-looking specimen of Bravura out there, at least with
some of the more common glyphs.

Attached are a .ly file and its results, both in Emmentaler and in Bravura
before/after the typo fix. (I had to rename Bravura.otf to bravura.otf, so
I'll probably have to deal with that in a better way.)

My plan for next week is as follows:

   - Get the FontForge bug report out
   - Continue encoding Emmentaler glyphs
   - Add all engravingDefaults to Emmentaler
   - Recognize engravingDefaults properly in LP

I do plan on getting around to changing the braces, but I think for now
engravingDefaults are more important to get right. If I don't make it to
the braces, that could still be a pretty self-contained project for me or
someone else to do later.

Again, any questions, comments, or concerns would be appreciated. In the
meantime, I'm going to stick to my resolution--no work on weekends if I can
help it!


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