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Re: GSoC 2020: Shape-note notehead encoding

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: GSoC 2020: Shape-note notehead encoding
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 21:41:58 +0200
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Jean Abou Samra <> writes:

> Le 22/07/2020 à 03:32, Aaron Hill a écrit :
>> On 2020-07-21 5:39 pm, Owen Lamb wrote:
>>> corpuses (corpori?)
>> Off-topic: "corpora" is the plural in English.  Though while
>> "corpuses" is not technically correct, I would have no problem 
>> understanding it.
> Yes, Latin would prescribe corpora as the plural of corpus, oris due
> to it being a neutral noun − although the relevance of this rule is 
> questionable since in a Latin sentence, it would also depend on how
> this word is used.
> Funny story about a sort-of congressman opposing a draft bill: “Non
> possumus! he emphatically claimed, And I'll add, Non possumi! because 
> I'm not the only one thinking so.”
> Tentative translation: “We cannot! And I'll add, we cannots, because
> I'm not…”.
> Hope humor helps things progress,
> Jean

Frankly, never mind the Latin.  I get the shakes when many native
English speakers try their hands at Early Modern English, the variant
often used by Shakespeare and also typical for the KJV Bible
translation, and completely mess up things like speaketh, speakest,
thou, thee, thine; basically picking between older forms randomly.

David Kastrup

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