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Proposed cleanup for 'annotation and 'font-size for slur/tie-like grobs

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Proposed cleanup for 'annotation and 'font-size for slur/tie-like grobs
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 12:04:58 +0200


I noticed that Tie, Slur, PhrasingSlur, RepeatTie and LaissezVibrerTie
can be annotated by
\override <curve> . annotation = "some-text"

  \override Slur.font-size = 0
  \override Tie.font-size = 0
  \override PhrasingSlur.font-size = 0
  \override RepeatTie.font-size = 0
  \override LaissezVibrerTie.font-size = 0

  \override Slur.annotation = "Slur"
  \override Tie.annotation = "Tie"
  \override PhrasingSlur.annotation = "PhrasingSlur"
  \override RepeatTie.annotation = "RepeatTie"
  \override LaissezVibrerTie.annotation = "LaissezVibrerTie"

  b1( c')
  b1\( c'\)
  <b f'>~ <b f'>

Alas, the implementation is not consistent.
Tie is the only one having font-size set per default, Slur uses a
fallback value in, the other miss `annoatation` and
This leads to several programming errors if compiled with
programming error: Grob `Slur' has no interface for property `font-size'

Especially Tie.font-size is getting on my nerves if I code
custom-stencils for all sorts of curves.

I propose a clean up:
Add `annotation` and `font-size` to, and
(where missing)
Delete Tie.font-size in define-grobs.scm
Use the same fallback for Tie.font-size in as it's done in

Not sure why annotations for tie-like curves are placed and colored
differently, though, I don't intend to change this.

Would a patch along these lines be acceptable?


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