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Bus lilypond!!! Help me!!!

From: Виноградов Юрий
Subject: Bus lilypond!!! Help me!!!
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 00:05:09 +0300

   Help me please. Gentoo systems. In the version of Lilipond 2.21.1 which
   is installed in the systems it does not want to work, since Cyrillic is
   used in the file paths and in the file name. If everything is written
   in English, then everything works well. But I have an unstable version
   installed in parallel. 2.21.2-1. In this version, the program works
   with both Cyrillic and English. Why in the stable version this function
   does not work for the program. Tell me the solution.
   I can record a video.

   С уважением,

   Виноградов Юрий.

   Sincerely, Yuri Vinogradov.

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