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GSoC 2020 update, July 2

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: GSoC 2020 update, July 2
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 17:38:56 -0700

Hi all!

The last couple weeks were pretty stressful, which I'm sure you'll be able
to tell from the list archive. However, in the past couple days I have been
able to make up for much of the time lost.

Last week, I made plans for changing LilyPond's internal treatment of
glyphs--namely, that SMuFL names are the way to go. After a small setback
from Friday through Wednesday, I was able to implement this.

First, I updated the .mf files' fet_beginchar functions to take a SMuFL
name (or a SMuFL name and a SMuFL-style alternate name) instead of a
codepoint, and made sure the python scripts knew how to deal with it.

I then split smufl-map.scm into two files: name-conversion.scm, which maps
old LilyPond names to new SMuFL names, and smufl-map.scm, which maps SMuFL
names to their appropriate codepoints. (I might change the naming system in
the future, but it works for now.)

Then, I had read the metadata files (which now conform to
SMuFL specs) and construct lists of alternate glyphs, ligatures, and their
codepoints. Lastly, I made the name_to_charcode function aware of these

To be perfectly honest, I'm pooped! I'll be taking tomorrow off in
observance of the USA's Independence Day on Saturday, so I'll be back on

Thank you, everyone who helped me out these past couple weeks! I couldn't
have gotten through this without you.


(P.S. when I was trying to fix my VM, I tried setting its clock back... and
then I forgot to set it to the present again. My commits from today look
like they were made 14 hours earlier than they really were. But at least
they're there!)

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