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Re: Document bound-details (sub-)properties in line-spanner-cc for IR (i

From: lemzwerg
Subject: Re: Document bound-details (sub-)properties in line-spanner-cc for IR (issue 560670043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 09 May 2019 22:22:31 -0700

LGTM, thanks.  Only cosmetic nits :-)
File lily/ (right):
lily/ "Sets the Y-coordinate of the end point, in
I think this should rather be

  Sets the address@hidden, in staff spaces.

Ditto in other places.
lily/ " vertical center of the note head.\n"
The final `\n' here (and in similar places) in the middle of a paragraph
doesn't have any effect.  texinfo simply slurps it.  Only two `\n' in a
row to indicate a paragraph end are honored.
lily/ " So, a value of -1 (or LEFT) makes the line
start/end at"
... or @code{LEFT} ...
lily/ "@item stencil-offset\n"
@itemx stencil-offset\n
lily/ " end-point, centered on the line, as defined
by the X and"
end point, ... by the @code{X} and @code{Y} ...
lily/ " stencil-offset will move the symbol at the
edge vertically"
Setting either @code{...} or @code{...}

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