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Re: Patches for configure Script and Doc

From: Max Barraclough
Subject: Re: Patches for configure Script and Doc
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2022 19:31:43 +0000

Thanks Paul,

I've attached patches with more descriptive commit messages, and the
messages now have sign-off lines.

I also tweaked the .gitignore changes, so that entries regarding the
contents of the doc/ directory are consistently matched by the
doc/.gitignore file rather than the top-level one.

I tested out 'git send-email' and, while it works on another email
address of mine, I wasn't able to get it to work with, so
I've attached patch files again.


From: Paul Cercueil <>
Sent: 20 February 2022 21:40
To: Max Barraclough
Subject: Re: Patches for configure Script and Doc

Hi Max,

Changes look good to me.

- A short description on patches 1/2/4 would be nice;
- please sign your commits (git commit -s, or manually add the
Signed-off-by: line);
- attaching patches works, but typically it's recommended to use "git


Le dim., févr. 20 2022 at 13:22:12 +0000, Max Barraclough
<> a écrit :
> A while ago I had trouble getting lightning to configure on Ubuntu
> with:
>     $ ./configure --enable-disassembler
> At the time I mistakenly thought the issue was with the configure
> script
> failing to detect binutils despite that I had installed Ubuntu's
> 'binutils-dev'
> package, [0] but the issue was that I hadn't installed the other
> necessary
> dependencies. The configure script's message was telling me it
> couldn't find
> binutils, but in fact it was libz and libiberty that were the
> trouble. (The
> configure script was correctly checking for the presence of these
> dependencies,
> the issue was just with the messages.)
> This command is what's needed on Ubuntu (and probably also Debian)
> systems if
> you want to build with the disassembler:
>     $ sudo apt-get install binutils-dev libiberty-dev zlib1g-dev
> The README-hacking file didn't mention dependencies. I've included a
> patch to
> add a mention there, and another patch to mention dependencies in the
> documentation file.
> I've also included a patch to improve the warning/error messages
> produced by
> the configure script if it fails to find one of those dependencies.
> Lastly I've included a patch to overhaul the repo's .gitignore files.
> (I'm new to email-driven git workflows so I hope they come through
> ok.)
>    -Max
> [0]

Attachment: 0001-Improve-README-files.patch
Description: 0001-Improve-README-files.patch

Attachment: 0002-Update-documentation-file-to-mention-dependencies.patch
Description: 0002-Update-documentation-file-to-mention-dependencies.patch

Attachment: 0003-Fix-configure-script-s-handling-of-disassembler.patch
Description: 0003-Fix-configure-script-s-handling-of-disassembler.patch

Attachment: 0004-Overhaul-.gitignore-files-for-completeness.patch
Description: 0004-Overhaul-.gitignore-files-for-completeness.patch

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