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[Libunwind-devel] using libunwind in signal handler for mult-thread prog

From: hzhang86
Subject: [Libunwind-devel] using libunwind in signal handler for mult-thread program
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 18:10:33 -0500
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Hello, everyone

Did anyone have success in using libunwind in signal handler for
multi-threads program ? I found the doc says local-unwinding is
thread-safe and signal-safe, but I'm still having issues with it..

In my program, a handler is called once every certain amount of CPU
cycles(use PAPI_overflow). And the program is multi-threading. So In the
handler, I did this:

unw_cursor_t cursor;
unw_word_t ip, sp;
unw_context_t uc;

int count=0;

unw_getcontext (&uc);
if (unw_init_local (&cursor, &uc) < 0)
fprintf (stderr,"unw_init_local failed!\n");

while (unw_step(&cursor)>0) {
unw_get_reg (&cursor, UNW_REG_IP, &ip);
unw_get_reg (&cursor, UNW_REG_SP, &sp);
printf("%d 0x%lx\n", count, (unsigned long) ip);

This works fine for single-thread programs, and also works for small
muli-thread program, but when I tested lulesh multi-theading program, the
hanlder would go into a infinite loop, it looks like the handler was kept
invoked infinitely...Am I using libunwind right ? what should be
specifically done for multi-threads ?

Thank you !

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