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[Libunwind-devel] unw_step in ARM?

From: Harald Servat
Subject: [Libunwind-devel] unw_step in ARM?
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 11:21:42 +0200


  I'm using libunwind 1.1 in a Linux with ARM processor. I've found that
unw_step seems not to work, or at least not as in x86-64 because it does
not report all the backtrace but only the top of the stack level. I'm
attaching a simple program (derived from the tests  Gtest-bt.c) that
shows this and also the output in a ARM and in a X86/64 machine.

  Do I need to compile something in a special way? I've looked at the
objdump -D output from the ARM version and the subroutines seem to be

  In ARM:
  # gcc -O0 mytest-bt.c -I ../include
-L /gpfs/CEPBATOOLS/libunwind/1.1/lib -lunwind -lunwind-arm -o mytest-bt
  # LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/gpfs/CEPBATOOLS/libunwind/1.1/lib:
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./mytest-bt
bar (123)
foo (123)
        explicit backtrace:
0000000000008734 unw_get_proc_name: <do_backtrace+0x3c>
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x0

  In X86/64:
  # gcc -O0 mytest-bt.c -I aplic/libunwind/1.1/include -L
aplic/libunwind/1.1/lib -lunwind -lunwind-x86_64 -o mytest-bt
  # LD_LIBRARY_PATH=aplic/libunwind/1.1/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./mytest-bt
bar (123)
foo (123)
        explicit backtrace:
000000000040092a unw_get_proc_name: <do_backtrace+0x26>
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x6011e0
0000000000400b30 unw_get_proc_name: <foo+0x2a>    (sp=00007ffff8c9b1c0)
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x6011e0
0000000000400b63 unw_get_proc_name: <bar+0x31>    (sp=00007ffff8c9b1e0)
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x6011e0
0000000000400b7e unw_get_proc_name: <main+0x19>   (sp=00007ffff8c9b200)
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x6011e0
0000003c4342169d unw_get_proc_name: <__libc_start_main+0xed>
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x3c437b0fe8
0000000000400849 unw_get_proc_name: <_start+0x29> (sp=00007ffff8c9b2e0)
        handler=0x0 lsda=0x0 gp=0x0


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