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Re: [libunwind] backtrace on EM64T

From: Arun Sharma (अरुण)
Subject: Re: [libunwind] backtrace on EM64T
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:41:04 -0800
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David Mosberger-Tang wrote:
Do you see this issue in libunwind as well? If yes, could you be more
specific? Thanks.

My libunwind kernel patches have a variable unwi_page_alloc_usable
which controls whether or not the page allocator is used by libunwind.
 The intention is for debuggers such as kdb to clear this flag while
they're running and restore it afterwards.

I'm more interested in the user space libunwind.

Through a quick grep of the sources, I can't locate anything problematic. mempool.h suggests that this is a design guarantee.

So I'm assuming that this is a non-problem for the userspace libunwind. Please let me know if you think otherwise.


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