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[libunwind] libbfd and libunwind?

From: Mike Bennett
Subject: [libunwind] libbfd and libunwind?
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 12:58:27 -0700
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Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I didn't see it in any recent

Is there a reason libunwind couldn't use libbfd for its object
file manipulation (circular dependencies, code bloat, license
disagreements, etc)?

I'm finishing up a core file reader extension to libunwind
and I'd prefer to use libbfd as it seems to be the 'canonical'
core file reader library, supports a wide array of corefile and
executable formats and is actively maintained, but I wouldn't
want to create some nasty library dependency issue.

If introducing bfd as a dependency is a problem I can revert
to using straight ELF reading mechanisms (as there's only a
handful of calls I need from BFD).


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