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Re: [libunwind] forwarded message from Andreas Schwab

From: David Mosberger
Subject: Re: [libunwind] forwarded message from Andreas Schwab
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:20:53 -0800

>>>>> On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:55:30 +0100, Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> said:

  Andreas> David Mosberger <address@hidden> writes:
  >> The generated files are really needed used for local unwinding.
  >> I cross-build ia64 from x86 on a fairly regular basis and am not
  >> aware of any problems.  If it's failing for you, please provide
  >> specifics (what version of libunwind, what compilers, what
  >> configuration, what error, etc.).

  Andreas> I can't see how that can ever work given that
  Andreas> ia64/mk_Gcursor_i and ia64/mk_Lcursor_i are compiled with
  Andreas> the cross compiler.

Please let's try to be precise.  When I cross-build, I use this (on a
Debian/x86 system):

 $ ../libunwind/configure  --target=ia64-hp-linux target_alias=ia64-hp-linux

This works just fine.

What configure line are you using?


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