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[libunwind] libunwind v0.98.3 released

From: David Mosberger
Subject: [libunwind] libunwind v0.98.3 released
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 15:11:33 -0800

v0.98.3 of libunwind has just been released.  You can get it from:

The main-purpose of this release is to fix two minor bugs:

** Make it possible to link against libunwind-ia64.a only (i.e., without
   requiring libunwind.a as well).  This keeps apps which need only
   remote unwinding cleaner, since they logically have no dependency
   on libunwind.a.

** Dont link against libatomic_ops for now.  Due to a packaging bug on
   Debian, linking against this library causes to get
   a dependency on, which is not at all what we want.
   Fortunately, we don't have to link against that library on x86 or
   ia64 since the library is strictly needed only for platforms with
   poor atomic operation support.  Once the libatomic_ops package is fixed,
   we can re-enable linking against libatomic_ops.

In other words, this release fixes some rather obscure problems so if
you're happy with v0.98.2, there is no urgent need to upgrade.

However, if you're a distributor of libunwind, I'd very much recommend
to upgrade so doesn't pull in the unwanted dependency on
libatomic_ops.  Matthieu said that an updated Debian package is on the
way already.  Thanks Matthieu!



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