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RE: [libunwind] RE: Question on libunwind-dynamic

From: Thomas Hallgren
Subject: RE: [libunwind] RE: Question on libunwind-dynamic
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:48:35 +0100

This whole discussion stems from the fact that we have a lot of
functionality implemented already that overlaps with libunwind. The best
approach is to regard this as our (BEA's and other JVM vendors) problem,
not yours. The ground principle must be that we should rewrite our code
to make use of the libunwind structures more extensively rather than
trying to impose our way of doing things on libunwind. Going that route
is however a major undertaking. Not only does it imply rewriting a fair
amount of code, it will also require libunwind ports for all platforms
where we have presence. Then again, that's our choice to make. A half
hearted attempt with a vendor specific plug-in is not the right way to

I have a question regarding the future of libunwind and how it interacts
with gdb.

The current gdb (6.2) make very little use of libunwind and does not
care about the function names that can be obtained. Do you know if the
gdb team has any plans to change this any time soon?

A future gdb could do even more and use an extended libunwind to obtain
source file and line number. Are there any plans to extend the dynamic
info registered with libunwind to make this possible?


Thomas Hallgren

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