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[libunwind] problems with unw_get_save_loc

From: Rob Faught
Subject: [libunwind] problems with unw_get_save_loc
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 11:27:36 -0400
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[I posted this to the wrong list earlier. Sorry.]

Hello David,

I'm having problems with unw_get_save_loc. The first seems to be at line 157 in Gget_save_loc-ia64.c. Shouldn't the ! in the condition be removed?

  if (!IA64_IS_NULL_LOC (loc))
      sloc->type = UNW_SLT_NONE;
      return 0;

The other problem I have is when calling this function for floating point registers. It always returns UNW_SLT_NONE, and indeed, there is no case in the switch statement for float regs. I could be wrong but I believe that this worked at some point in the past.

An unrelated issue is in internal.h. I believe that hpux on ia64 should have a big-endian byte order.

# include <endian.h>
# define __LITTLE_ENDIAN    1234
# define __BIG_ENDIAN        4321
# if defined(__hpux)
# else
#   error Host has unknown byte-order.
# endif

Rob Faught

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