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[libunwind] unwinding stacks of user level threads

From: Karl Ostner
Subject: [libunwind] unwinding stacks of user level threads
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 13:58:15 +0200


This is on RH adv. server 2.1 (kernel 2.4.18, glibc 2.2.4) on IA64.

I've a test program which works fine for both, synchonious stack dump and
asynchronious stack dump from a signal handler using libunwind.

I've the following problem, and I'm wondering if libunwind is
capable of it:
An application runs a user level multi threading package.
Threads have their stacks in shared memory, so that they can
move between different OS processes. When a thread switch happens,
the process saves its context to the stack of the current thread,
loads the context of the next thread, and continues.

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