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[libunwind] debian packages available for libunwind

From: Matthieu Delahaye
Subject: [libunwind] debian packages available for libunwind
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 14:11:28 +0200
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For debian users who are interested into trying libunwind without
spending time to install libunwind from sources, I'm providing
source and binary packages at [1] for sid. Installaton notes are
provided at the end of this mail or at [1] directly.
There are two sets: The first one, which I'll call later the tagged
version, is compiled from the sources provided at the libunwind website
[2] and the other one, which I'll call later the snapshot version, is
compiled from the sources available at the bitkeeper repository [3].
For each set there are three packages:
- The shared library itself (only for ia64)
- The developement files (headers and files used for static link) (only
for ia64)
- The documentation (any system)
Package names are 
- for the tagged version:
libunwind1, libunwind1-dev and libunwind1-doc
Current version is 0.91
- for the snapshot version:
libunwind1-snap, libunwind1-snap-dev and libunwind1-snap-doc
Current version is 1.76 (following the revision numbering provided by
The two series are "conflicting", i.e. you won't be able to install both
sets at the same time.
You have installed packages from the tagged set and you want to
install some from the snapshot set, the debian packaging system will
automatically remove the formers prior installing the latters 
Please note that a package upgrade may break your
applications compiled for a previous installed libunwind version.
To install the packages:
- add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb libunwind/
deb-src libunwind/
- then type:
apt-get update

- to install one of the package given above, for instance
libunwind1-dev, type:
apt-get install libunwind1-dev
This will download libunwind1-dev and libunwind1 (required for
libunwind1-dev) and install them into your system.
- if you want to get the sources used for the package, type into an
empty directory:
apt-get source libunwind
or, if you want the sources for the snapshot set:
apt-get source libunwind-snap
Please note these packages are not official debian packages and you must
not send bugs to the Debian bug tracking system [4].
If you find a bug in the libunwind library, you should post a bug report
to this mailing list, or, if you think it is a packaging bug, to me
directly at address@hidden with a subject starting with
I will appreciate any feedbacks or suggestions. Should you require any
further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,
Matthieu Delahaye

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