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[libunwind] compile error in changeset 1.21

From: Mark Young
Subject: [libunwind] compile error in changeset 1.21
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 11:59:49 -0800
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This error occurs in yesterday's bitkeeper changeset 1.21.

gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include -I../include -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG -g -O2 -Wall -c ia64/init.c -MT init.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/init.TPlo -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/init.lo
ia64/init.c: In function `_Uia64_init':
ia64/init.c:166: warning: implicit declaration of function `ia64_script_cache_init'
ia64/init.c:166: structure has no member named `global_cache'
make[1]: *** [init.lo] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/u/marky/BK/libunwind/src'
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1


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