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Re: transitive shared library dependencies and installation

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: Re: transitive shared library dependencies and installation
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 12:17:07 +0200
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Hi Feri,

address@hidden wrote:
It is long history It starts with 1* (1.5) libtool . Libtool 1.5 has
some issues with multiple dependent libraries (more then two).
 From debian was proposed a patch related to library
dependencies. Unfortunately patch break existing regression test. From
debian never was proposed version that pass regression test.

Libtool 2.0 fixes his issues related to multiple libraries. On the
same Debian did not stop to contribute patch that breaks libtool.

As result when I decide to build something from source always to
updated sources to FSF version.

So the right question is did reporter test with FSF version?
I'm the reporter, and I didn't test any other version, as I wasn't even
sure whether my example was correct and was supposed to work.
You sample is correct .
One minor nit is AM_PROG_AR - it is not required for posted example. If you project requires use of this macro you should request automake 1.11.2 as minimum.

Could you
please provide some keywords to search for so that I can dig up the
details of the above story?
Please check libtool achives.
To me situation on Debian is closed case.

  At the moment Debian carries 21 patches for
libtool, if I could show that one of them breaks a valid use case, that
would constitute a strong reason for dropping it.

In moment I do tests on some sources from development or stable branches on an another system (archaic :) ):

$ cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

$ autoconf --version
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.63

$ automake --version
automake (GNU automake) 1.11.1

$ libtool --version (GNU libtool) 2.2.6b

All is based on system packages except tested by me.

Result on posted test case - pass:
$ ./translib ; echo $?

$ readelf -a  a/.libs/  | grep RPATH
 0x000000000000000f (RPATH)              Library rpath: [/home/centos/.builds/test/autotools/translib/b/.libs:/tmp/translib/lib]

$ readelf -a .libs/lt-translib  | grep PATH
 0x000000000000000f (RPATH)              Library rpath: [/home/centos/.builds/test/autotools/translib/a/.libs:/home/centos/.builds/test/autotools/translib/b/.libs:/tmp/translib/lib]

$ readelf -a .libs/translib  | grep PATH
 0x000000000000000f (RPATH)              Library rpath: [/tmp/translib/lib]

$ readelf -a /tmp/translib/lib/ | grep PATH
 0x000000000000000f (RPATH)              Library rpath: [/tmp/translib/lib]

Roumen Petrov

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