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HEAD libltdl/libltdlc ....

From: Duft Markus
Subject: HEAD libltdl/libltdlc ....
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:20:52 +0100

Hey again!

I'm still porting libtool to wgcc/interix. Now i have the following

(i attached the current version of my patch, maybe someone could have a
quick look at it, and tell me if there is something obviously wrong or
illegal ;o))

As you can see when looking at the attached gmake check output the (at
the moment) only leftover failures are due to not finding argz stuff in
libltdlc.a. the problem with this is, that the agz stuff looked for is
in libldtl but not in libltdlc. Somehow this is a little strange since
the states that libltdlc has the same LIBADD and
DEPENDENCIES.... Is this intentionally??

When looking at the output of nm for both libs:

mduft .libs $ nm libltdl.a | grep argz
000013b0 t _argzize_path
         U _lt__argz_append
         U _lt__argz_create_sep
         U _lt__argz_insert
         U _lt__argz_next
         U _lt__argz_stringify
00002870 t _lt_argz_insert
00002550 t _lt_argz_insertdir
00002790 t _lt_argz_insertinorder
00000000 T _lt__argz_append
000000e0 T _lt__argz_create_sep
00000220 T _lt__argz_insert
00000380 T _lt__argz_next
00000430 T _lt__argz_stringify

mduft .libs $ nm libltdlc.a | grep argz
000013b0 t _argzize_path
         U _lt__argz_append
         U _lt__argz_create_sep
         U _lt__argz_insert
         U _lt__argz_next
         U _lt__argz_stringify
00002870 t _lt_argz_insert
00002550 t _lt_argz_insertdir
00002790 t _lt_argz_insertinorder

So argz.o is simply not there in libltdlc.a...... By the way: why are
there two different versions?

P.S.: don't mind the compiler warnings about the defines, i'm still
having some problems with properly quoting and escaping spaces....
Somehow i don't yet handle escaped spaces ;o)
P.S.S.: sorry that the compiler error and warning output is somehow hard
to read, thats because there is color information in it ;o//

Cheers, Markus

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