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Re: [PATCH] libtool on cygwin [1/4]: cygwin doesn't use LoadLibrary

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] libtool on cygwin [1/4]: cygwin doesn't use LoadLibrary
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 00:58:45 -0500
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Gary V. Vaughan wrote:

Shudder! :-) Okay, I'm applying this patch, which relies on my earlier 28-gary-canonicalise-__WINDOWS__.patch for the sake of your sanity.

Can you check that I didn't break anything please? The intention is to leave the LoadLibrary loader on cygwin, but only use it if the dlopen loader fails for some reason (or the programmer wishes to force LoadLibrary), so you should still see dlopen being used.

Verified. With 28-gary-canonicalise-__WINDOWS__.patch and 29-gary-cygwin-tweak-loaders.patch, dlopen/dlsym is still used. And works.


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