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Re: Disable shared libraries on upcoming AIX/ia64

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: Disable shared libraries on upcoming AIX/ia64
Date: 29 Jan 2001 16:51:03 -0200
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On Jan 29, 2001, Robert Boehne <address@hidden> wrote:

> I am absolutely baffled by this patch.

So am I, now that you mention it :-)

> They have never been committed, and I have not seen any posting
> rejecting them either.  The patches were posted Jan 10 & 11 of this
> year.

Indeed.  I see them now.

>   Did you forget about these patches, or was there somthing wrong
> with them?

I've been too busy to even look at them, sorry :-(

> If not, could we have these patches committed instead?

Do you have CVS write access already?  I think we should set up an
account for you.  This would certainly make the whole process

Sorry :-(

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