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Important !!! Wrong flag usage

Subject: Important !!! Wrong flag usage
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 07:49:20 -0000

Hai ,

The files affected
libtool.m4 for MAIN branch for multi-language branch ( cvsdiff already send)

Change -WL to -Wl  for osf  .

Found that the -WL flag is used for passing linker flag . The actual flag to be used is -Wl .If we use -WL, compiler wont through any error but then the option is not getting passed to the linker . Try some option for printing the messages to stdout . I think this is high priority change . Since this include only once line change i am not sending the cvs diff . The cvs diff for file has already send by me with the support for export-symbols option of libtool .

Sorry for any wrong-communication .

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