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Re: Patches wrt to Tru64

Subject: Re: Patches wrt to Tru64
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 05:15:22 -0000

From: "Gary V. Vaughan" <address@hidden>
To: "ANEESH KUMAR .K.V" <address@hidden>
CC: address@hidden, address@hidden
Subject: Re: Patches wrt to Tru64
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 17:31:34 +0000

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 03:29:01AM +0000, ANEESH KUMAR .K.V wrote:
> Hai ,
> Sorry of sending a diff of ltconfig . I was not aware of this . Any how
> i  patched  libtool.m4 and did a cvs diff -u . The resulting file i am
> attaching . Thanks for your input  .
> -aneesh

It looks like the bulk of your patch was applied already.  I have also
committed the change to the linker pass through flag to HEAD and
mult-language branches.


Hai ,

I checked out the project from cvs today but didn't find this patch . This one is acutally for supporting -export-symbols for cxx compiler on Tru64 box . I also found that that the flag used for passing linker option through the compiler is also wrong . I am not sure whether it is getting used at any place , but still i corrected it .

Index: libtool/ChangeLog
RCS file: /home/cvs/libtool/ChangeLog,v
retrieving revision 1.641.2.154
diff -r1.641.2.154 ChangeLog
2000-12-18  Aneesh Kumar K.V  <address@hidden>
      * (archive_expsym_cmds):  Support for -export-symbol
* Correct the flag used to pass the linker option through the compiler .
Index: libtool/
RCS file: /home/cvs/libtool/Attic/,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.1.2.25
archive_expsym_cmds='for i in `cat $export_symbols`; do printf "-exported_symbol " >> $lib.exp; echo "\$i" >> $lib.exp; done; echo "-hidden">> $lib.exp~ $CC -shared${allow_undefined_flag} $predep_objects $libobjs $deplibs $postdep_objects $compiler_flags -msym -soname $soname -Wl,-input -Wl,$lib.exp `test -n "$verstring" && echo -set_version $verstring` -update_registry ${objdir}/so_locations -o $lib~$rm $lib.exp'

<           ac_cv_prog_cc_wl='-WL,'


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