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Re: patch for libtool when CFLAGS includes -MD

From: Bob Wilson
Subject: Re: patch for libtool when CFLAGS includes -MD
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 10:41:26 -0800

Morten Eriksen wrote:
> I believe the EXEEXT detection macro in Autoconf (which I think is
> also used from Libtool) was improved a lot recently (just about a week
> ago). It'd probably be wise to use that code instead.

I agree that it would be good for libtool and autoconf to use the same
code for this.  I was unaware that the autoconf code had changed and I
don't know how my patch will fit in with the revised code, but I just
received mail from Akim Demaille (address@hidden) in response to my patch
for autoconf.  He said they would apply my patch, so perhaps you can
grab the autoconf EXEEXT code after my patch is included.  In the
meantime, it wouldn't hurt to add my patch as-is to solve this problem
until you have a chance to sync up with autoconf.

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