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IRIX Mips Pro Compiler ii_files patch

From: Mike Caruso
Subject: IRIX Mips Pro Compiler ii_files patch
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 11:00:29 -0500


        Here is some code I added to my libtool script that got
generated for
me in order to support the Mips Pro compiler's template instantiation
scheme which dumps mangled symbol information into files under a
directory named ii_files.  The compiler blows up when used by libtool
because of all the moving and renaming of files that goes on under
libtool, this patch fixes that and I'm SURE its just a hack, but it
seems to work fine for me, I would be curious as to what is the more
general solution.  Im using IRIX 6.5 Mips Pro Compiler

The following is what I have added with some extra text around it for

     # Do each of the archive commands.
     if test -n "$export_symbols" && test -n "$archive_expsym_cmds";
        eval cmds=\"$archive_expsym_cmds\"
        eval cmds=\"$archive_cmds\"

     echo "*** IRIX ii_files PATCH ***"
     # Create the ii_files directory if it doesnt exist
     if [ ! -d ii_files ]; then
        mkdir ii_files
     # loop over each file in the .libs/ii_files directory
     for iiFile in `ls -1 .libs/ii_files`
       # Get the base name of this ii_file: BaseName.lo.ii
       iiFileBase=`echo $iiFile | cut -d'.' -f1`
       # copy it one level up since thats where the link stage takes
       cpcmd="cp .libs/ii_files/$iiFile ii_files/$iiFileBase.ii"
       echo $cpcmd
       eval $cpcmd
       # Use a perl command to fix the names of the object files
       # Im sure this can be done in sed, i just dont know sed at all
       pcmd="perl -p -i.bak
       echo $pcmd
       eval $pcmd
       # remove perl left overs
       rm ii_files/$iiFileBase.ii.bak

     echo "*** End Patch ***"

     IFS="${IFS=        }"; save_ifs="$IFS"; IFS='~'
     for cmd in $cmds; do
       $show "$cmd"
       $run eval "$cmd" || exit $?

Thanks I hope this helps... let me know if I can help out
Mike Caruso / SAIC                            Army Night Vision Labs 
Software Engineer
Ft. Belvoir, VA. (703) 704 2714                  
McLean, VA.      (703) 748 4177

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