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ltconfig fix for SCO UnixWare 7+

From: Larry Rosenman
Subject: ltconfig fix for SCO UnixWare 7+
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 09:45:12 -0600
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I needed to apply the attached patch to ltconfig to get PHP4 to build
correctly.  I was asked to submit it to you as well.  

Here are comments back to Rasmus re: the comment about $CC vs $LD for
  Yes, under the NEW UDK Feature Supplement, it's no longer true.               
  This was in consultation with Dave Prosser of SCO.                            
  You *WANT* to use $CC for our platform to invoke the linker.                  
  If you are linking C++ code, you need to use CC, for C code                   
  you *NEED* to use cc, as it knows more about the libraries.                   
  If you need to conditional it on SCO-UnixWare, do so, but without
  we do *NOT* get a good php .so for apache.                   

Please consider applying this to the real source tree.

Thank You.

Larry Rosenman            
Phone: +1 972-414-9812 (voice) Internet: address@hidden
US Mail: 1905 Steamboat Springs Drive, Garland, TX 75044-6749

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