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From: Valentino Giudice
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2023 23:45:11 +0200

   To be clear, I never suggested the FSF is the "free speech foundation".
   The fact that the FSF (supposedly) supports freedom of speech on the
   Internet, however, is a claim made on the [1] website, not by
   me, on a page about basic
   freedoms: [2]
   > The Free Software Foundation supports the *freedoms of speech*,
   press, and association on the Internet.
   (Emphasis mine).
   > [I] will not promote any social media platform that would be
   categorized as a free speech zone.
   If this refers to the FSF in general, rather than a personal stance by
   you individually, then what policies does a platform need to have, what
   does it need to censor, in order to be endorsable (or usable, which is
   a lower standard) by the FSF?



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