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From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2023 10:40:50 -0400
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Minds could be categorized as a "free speech zone" social network which are typically popular with fascists so count me out.

The licensing of the minds project is also questionable. It is built on elgg which is GPL-2.0-only [1] so it should probably match. I'm not following through with making issues though.


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On 9/20/23 19:27, Valentino Giudice wrote:
Thank you a lot, Michael, this is quite interesting and something that I should investigate further. Indeed the "friendly-challenge" package uses "friendly-pow", which is no good: <>

I still think that Minds can be of significant interest for the FSF and the free software community at large.

 > Never heard of minds

First, I should mention that I have absolutely no affiliation with them beyond merely having an account on their website.

Minds is a social media platform based in the United States which has rather liberal policies compared to mainstream platforms such as Facebook or X.

As I mentioned above, it's free software (although, now we know, encumbered by the FriendlyCaptcha proprietary component). It uses the AGPL license.

It attempts at decentralizing, but its attempts are IMHO mostly unsuccessful.

However, as a centralized platform, I think it aligns with the principles of the free software community (including freedom of speech and transparency, beyond just software freedom) more so than other platforms, including also X, which the FSF currently uses.

I still think that Minds has some significant shortcomings, which we can help it overcome. This includes the CAPTCHA test, which can be replaced with a similar fully-free one, the fact that it doesn't currently comply with the text of the GDPR (which doesn't mean it's bad for privacy, but does mean it's a problem in the EU). In some ways it's better than the Mastodon ecosystem because most Mastodon instances are small and unreliable and have rules that are restrictive beyond necessary.

Il giorno mer 20 set 2023 alle ore 22:34 Michael McMahon < <>> ha scritto:

    Never heard of minds, but Friendly Captcha is deceivingly source
    available [1]. This is not apparent when you look at their main


    A previous commit [2] is free and it might still work.


    When I brought up this point, they deleted my comments.

    Michael McMahon | Web Developer, Free Software Foundation
    GPG Key: 4337 2794 C8AD D5CA 8FCF  FA6C D037 59DA B600 E3C0 <>

    On 9/19/23 23:43, Valentino Giudice wrote:
     >     Given the recent conversation about Truth Social, as well as
    the fact
     >     that social media are a topic of interest for the FLOSS
    community, does
     >     anyone here use Minds?
     >     The platform is free software, including server-side.
     >     For a CAPTCHA, they use Friendly Captcha, which seems free
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