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Re: On gratitude and free software

From: J.B. Nicholson
Subject: Re: On gratitude and free software
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2023 20:53:44 -0500
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Dennis Payne wrote:
The resistance to GNU/Linux comes from the term being annoying to

Personal annoyance strikes me as no justification for not giving people a fair share of the credit for their work.

Lego insists that it is Lego bricks not Legos but people use the shorter one.
Either way, Lego gets credit for their work. That alone means that this request from the Lego Group is not comparable to the reason behind what the GNU Project is asking for.

If I understand Lego Group's request correctly (such as the attached snapshot ostensibly from someone who officially represents the Lego Group on Twitter which I found on ), their request is based in trying to avoid trademark dilution. Thus this matter is not at all related to the GNU Project asking people to give them a share of the credit for their work when people refer to a GNU system with the Linux kernel a GNU/Linux system.

Also the blatant attempt to jump on the success of Linux annoyed people. Why
didn't they argue this from day one?
On day one of the GNU system there was no Linux kernel to speak of. On day one of the Linux kernel, Linux was largely unknown as it was just another personal project of which there are too many to count. More importantly, not asking for a share of credit "from day one" fails to state why GNU is somehow undeserving of any credit at all today.

Why didn't they argue it with BSD?

See for the GNU Project's 

Unless you are a developer, a Linux user may not interact with any GNU program.
Why shouldn't it be Gnome/X11/Linux or KDE/Linux?
See for the GNU Project's 

Interestingly most people do not refer to Android phones as Linux systems. While
you might argue it is because they don't know it runs Linux. I think the
knowledgeable don't because they understand that Linux encompasses the standard
tools/UI which Android throws out.
Without agreeing with your assessment, just because the Linux kernel developers don't ask for a share of the credit for their work doesn't make the GNU Project's request incorrect, a bad idea, or somehow wrong.

I recommend reading and in their entirety as it appears that your questions have been answered there for years.

Saying people who don't support Richard Stallman are ungrateful is
flawed. I don't think I've ever heard a non-supporter say Richard
Stallman did nothing. You can be grateful but also believe a person is
flawed enough they should step back from public roles. Hollywood is
probably the best example of people creating amazing content but the
person behind has done bad things. Don't misunderstand and assume I'm
equating Richard Stallman to some of the horrible people in Hollywood.
I think it is perfectly reasonable to look past the controversies and
say he is still a good representative for free software. I personally
disagree but that is fine.

I'd hope that you could understand just how disproportionate Stallman's alleged transgressions are in the context of the endless shunning campaign recommended to us as some kind of justice for these alleged transgressions. There are very well-known people who have never faced such an unfair, unjust, and due process-free shunning yet have done bad or suspicious things for which we can point to public record for account. They are still allowed to be invited to give talks and be a part of society in all the ways in which we were told that we should disallow RMS. It's no accident that at least a couple of these other figures (Linus Torvalds & Bill Gates) are firm proponents of software non-freedom and RMS is probably the best known proponent of software freedom. This entire smear campaign against RMS is easily and reasonably seen as a means to change RMS' legacy to achieve other ends which do us no good such as getting us to put aside software freedom and justify censoring anything to do with RMS.

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