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Re: Voting machines not AI code

From: Dennis Payne
Subject: Re: Voting machines not AI code
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 13:35:47 -0400
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You want to write a message with the subject "GPL on AI generated code"
make the message about that.

You want to write a post about the problems of proprietary code in
voting machines that's fine. Find good examples or explain what could
be the problem.

Don't go to the 2020 USA election. It is not a useful example of the
advantages of free software. It wouldn't of mattered how the election
was done. Fraud claims happened because the result wasn't what Trump
wanted. If the software was free software, he still would have claimed
poll workers scanned different voter forms or changed the data on the
drive or whatever.

Dennis Payne

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