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Re: "LibrePlanet Wiki Edit Fest" on July 26: You're invited!

From: Devin Ulibarri
Subject: Re: "LibrePlanet Wiki Edit Fest" on July 26: You're invited!
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2023 11:32:43 -0400
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On 7/23/23 09:25, Yuchen Pei wrote:
A sandbox page for testing markups etc. would be useful - I suppose
<>  is precisely for this purpose.
BTW if your choice of editor is Emacs and you are brave enough, feel
free to try a wiki-mode that I'm working on (warning: very much WIP):

The sandbox is great -- I have already started to tell folks about it. Thank you, Yuchen!

As for editing in emacs, I would like to look into it. Thanks for the "FYI."

For anyone else reading this: Today's LibrePlanet wiki edit fest will be taking place in #libreplanet as well as videoconference via BBB. If you want to attend via video, please register via


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