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Parabola-rM: Desktop GNU/Linux on E-Paper Tablet

From: Davis Remmel
Subject: Parabola-rM: Desktop GNU/Linux on E-Paper Tablet
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 04:15:54 +0000

Greetings libreplanet-discuss,

I wrote a step-by-step instruction manual for installing Parabola to the 
reMarkable tablet using only-free software. The result is a 10.3" epaper---and 
I think this is the proper word---notebook that runs a full X graphical 
environment, with fast partial screen refresh. It works with USB OTG, and has a 
built-in EMR (Wacom) and capacitive touch digitizers.

I also put up a project page.

I hope this inspires some conversation about running Emacs in the sun. :) My 
own, biased, opinion is that it's lovely in '-nw' mode with an external 


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