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Re: Matrix communication protocol.

From: Denver Gingerich
Subject: Re: Matrix communication protocol.
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 03:00:49 +0000
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On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 09:51:43PM +0200, Msavoritias wrote:
> Conversations is badly designed. I am talking from experience trying for
> people to adopt it.

I haven't had any bad experiences getting people to adopt Conversations.  Maybe 
you could be more specific about what particular aspects of Conversations they 
have issues with?

> Every other client listed on this page:
> <> for android is basically with
> design from twenty years ago.
> There doesn't seem to be new clients popping up. for mobile at least.
> In contrast Matrix <> has a lot of new clients
> with active development.

I agree that the XMPP community could make a prettier clients page with 
screenshots and such, like Matrix has.  There are at least as many XMPP clients 
under active development as there are Matrix clients.

> Its not the problem of something Conversations are missing. Although it
> misses a lot of stuff. Like stickers and widgets.
> The thing is that every client I installed had different capabilities
> entirely. It made sense when I read the phylosophy behind XMPP and Matrix
> though. Matrix wants to be ,from my perspective, a coherent standard. One
> piece. XMPP is more modular. Which explains the fragmentation in the XMPP
> ecosystem.

True that is another thing the XMPP community could work on.  We do have 
compliance suites that will tell you if your client meets a certain "coherent 

However, we haven't done enough work to advertise this or certify clients, so 
it's not yet easy to benefit from this work as a person new to XMPP.

There seem to be enough people using XMPP for it to continue on an upward 
trajectory.  It might not see the hockey stick growth that other protocols do, 
but it also hasn't flamed out, which I fear may happen with some of the newer, 
more hyped protocols.


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