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Re: Matrix communication protocol.

From: Adrien Bourmault (neox on Freenode)
Subject: Re: Matrix communication protocol.
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 09:07:01 +0200
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   I can add that riot for desktop is built on top of Electron, which is
   non free.

   Le 24 juillet 2020 10:37:14 GMT+02:00, Msavoritias
   <> a écrit :

That was my assumption too. Especially as there is a request for
packaging riot in the Guix Libreplanet page.
 From what I have heard it is basically the non-free addons and the
Google Captca that seems to be the problem.
The first is just a site that we don't have to connect or remove stuff
from there.
The second one they are working towards replacing it and I think we
could patch it and remove it if needed.
On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 19:21, Jonathan Sandoval
<> wrote:

     Msavoritias writes:

     Also I think having a bunch of semi-official channel using
     Non-FreeSoftware like Riot does't help anybody.
     I would like to ask is it in the works to have an official FSF/GNU
     server in the future? Are there any blockers I can help with?
     Disclaimer: I am NOT saying to use Riot or any other proprietary

     I was curious about you saying that Riot is not free software. I
     checked their repository in github and it uses the Apache License.
     working as a consultor for a company that it's building its product
     using Matrix (synaps) and Riot, and I though both of them were free
     in freedom) software with a permissive license.

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