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OS for schools (was Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement)

From: LM
Subject: OS for schools (was Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 10:01:36 -0400

     jinnjus wrote:
     This is why I am saying build a simple free OS for kids to use in
     schools.  I'd even go a step further and say make them dig out a
     soldering iron and build their device from a kit themselves.

   This is something I'd really be interested in.  I would love to help
   put together a lightweight Linux or Free OS distribution that included
   educational games and other learning tools.  Preferably, it would be
   something that they could duplicate by building the entire distribution
   from source themselves as well.  It would be great if I could do it all
   on my own, but at the rate the project's going, there won't be any
   concrete results any time soon.  It would be wonderful if I could find
   some others with similar interests to collaborate on something like
   this.  If anyone knows of any viable projects in this area, please
   share information on them.
   As to encouraging using soldering irons in school, I personally
   wouldn't recommend it.  I still have a burn mark from when I used one
   for a school project several years ago.

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