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Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement

From: Roberto Beltran
Subject: Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 17:26:37 +0000

> > I don't think these things are mutually exclusive. You can say the most
> > correct and right things in the world.
> > But if you don't make the person that hears you inspired or happy you
> > won't go anywhere.
> I'm not sure this is really true.
> One doesn't generally come out of a (good & thorough) design review
> happy - at least not if there are gaps/flaws in your design.  If you're
> lucky, you might come out ticked at yourself for your own oversight (or
> stupidity), and inspired to go "back to the drawing board."
> History suggests that fear is a far more effective motivator than
> happiness.  Where inspiration fits in depends on the situation &
> inspiration (and both survival & fear are great sources of inspiration -
> you know, necessity and all that).  Paying people, or giving them free
> stuff, also works pretty well.
> By contrast, it sure seems like pandering & wishful thinking, are
> recipes for disaster (unless you're a politician, in which case, they're
> recipes for election).
> Miles Fidelman

Not pointing this only at you Miles, just happened to get you last, but I think 
we've all more or less said our peace on how to treat people. It's basically 
just drowning out on-topic discussion at this point. You can all just as easily 
talk about whether it's better to be nice or scary and when off list

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