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Matrix communication protocol.

From: Msavoritias
Subject: Matrix communication protocol.
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 23:56:34 +0200

   I recently started to become involved in GNU and FSF by installing also
   Guix on system. I am part of the Guix Channel on Matrix.
   I created three channels on my server I know that there
   are some GNU channels on the server but I went forth with
   creating one on my server. First for Decentralization reasons. is the biggest server. And second is slow due to
   the number of users there.
   I noticed that there are a lot of GNU projects already there. Some of
   them are GUIX, Octave, Gnunet, a lot of GNU channels, Linux Libre and
   so forth.
   Also I noticed that it is in the roadmap for Guix to have all the
   Matrix packages in the repositories. Which a lot of them are already
   The benefits to me are first its a modern protocol with a lot of
   features. I know not everybody will want all these features though so
   we can al ways set up an IRC bridge to talk with people on the gnu IRC
   Second a lot of new users nowdays expect modern tooling and
   communication. I think integrating a Matrix server will be a great way
   to accomodate them. In a sense it will improve onboarding of new
   contributors. Granted we have a long way to go with that in my opinion,
   but Matrix is the first piece of the puzzle towards a bigger and more
   liveful FSF.
   Also I think having a bunch of semi-official channel using
   Non-FreeSoftware like Riot does't help anybody.
   I would like to ask is it in the works to have an official FSF/GNU
   server in the future? Are there any blockers I can help with?
   Disclaimer: I am NOT saying to use Riot or any other proprietary

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