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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Suggestions for a coding club that is just sta

From: Thomas HARDING
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Suggestions for a coding club that is just starting?
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 21:50:46 +0200
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Le 18/09/2015 00:50, Pen-Yuan Hsing a écrit :
Thank you Brendan and Thomas for your replies.

I see that (1) to start it is nice to think about something you could
benefit from coding, and (2) CoderDojo is a nice organisation to join.
Both sound good! I'll past this information along, and I hope the lead
teacher can involve their students in CoderDojo events.

With that said, I think I might need to re-phrase my original post a
bit: How do you broach the subject of Free Software to someone for the
first time? Specifically, what about in the case of a new coding club
for secondary school students? Are there examples of successful coding
clubs that started with an emphasise on Free Software? Are there
people with experience in communicating to these groups that "remember
to release your software under a Free license", "make the source code
available", etc.? Thanks!

I just made a post complex enough to say:

let them experience code sharing with each other without FS licenses, with obligation to make it as is it done in the prorietary sphere. *Legally*.

Then, show how (comparated to) it is simple with exclusively Free Software Licenses.

Do not obfuscate patents and NDA problems (GSM -- and other hardware, black box blobs, abusive trivial patents, ...).

Best Regards,
Ever source your mind as you could be Arthur Array: That could likely make you safe from probabilities.

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