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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] a campaign possibly? free software contributio

From: d.dn
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] a campaign possibly? free software contributions made by organizations
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 11:20:27 +0100
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Le 09/01/2013 05:37, Rudolf a écrit :
This is a call to encourage everyone to email any software development
company to ask them how much they're contributing back to free/open source

A lot of companies are freeloading off of free/open source software and
hardly contribute or hardly mention that they're using the software at all.
It's time to get them to be proud of using free software and encourage them
to contribute more and to donate more.

I can understand not being 100% committed to promoting the cause but when
you're using 99% free/open source software to create proprietary software
and hardly mentioning what you've used to create it, you should be ashamed.
Using the hard work of others while never donating and never mentioning
them (aside from job/career ads) is something that we need to call out.

All it takes is one blog post, one tweet, one Facebook post, one StatusNet
message to say "hey, we love using free/open source software, and this is
why it's awesome". All it takes is to make a few commits to the free/open
source software that you use daily. All it takes is a small donation to a
favourite free/open source software project. But many many companies don't
do any of that.

Here's what we should do:

    1. find companies which are using free/open source software and do not
provide an obvious mention that they use or produce free/open source
software (job ads aren't obvious; blog posts, twitter, facebook,,
etc. are obvious)

    2. email their contact email address with the following message:

        I would like to know what sorts of free/open source software
contributions are being made by [COMPANY] and if it is possible to view
them on the internet? I know some other companies have github, bitbucket or
gitorious accounts and regularly make contributions to the software that
they use (such as [SOFTWARE1] or [SOFTWARE2] )

    where SOFTWARE1 and SOFTWARE2 are examples of software that the company
uses. If they're using MySQL and Ruby on Rails, then SOFTWARE1 is MySQL and
SOFTWARE2 is Ruby on Rails.

    3. post the responses to the mailing list or on your own blog or paste
it somewhere on the internet. Let's see what these companies have to say
for themselves.

    The contact email address may be a support line and it may not go
through to an actual programmer but it might get kicked around. A
non-response or a negative response is still a response! Post it somewhere
and let's get some kind of conversation happening.

The first step is getting a conversation started. The next step is getting
them to name the software used in an obvious location (blog, twitter,
facebook,, reddit) and to donate to a project (doesn't matter if
it's a $25 donation to a small C++ library or $1000 to the FSF.

I'm willing to setup a website that lists companies and email conversations
concerning this. I'll even be willing to list the companies that have
mentioned free software or have donated to a free software project.

Any thoughts on this?
Rudolf Olah

Good idea, indeed the adoption of free software does not exempt compensation of author(s)...

I believe that some companies that use free software as a medium in their business are not aware that behind the freedom of use of modification and redistribution is also the sense of profit-sharing...

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Mimmo D.DN

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