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[lp-br-sp] Digital rights need defending. Organize for the Day Against D

From: Zak Rogoff
Subject: [lp-br-sp] Digital rights need defending. Organize for the Day Against DRM!
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 18:38:21 -0400
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Hi everyone,

I'm writing to remind you that the International Day Against DRM is on
Sunday, July 9th and offer to support you in organizing events for it in
your communities.

You're receiving this email because you've organized an event in the
past or expressed interest in doing so. Sorry about the BCC -- I'm doing
my best to follow up with each of you individually as well.

With an international coalition of community and civil society groups
calling for the abolishment of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management),
the Day is the biggest recurring action asserting the universal right to
digital freedom.

More info:

Event planners make the Day what it is! Only you have creativity and
knowledge to connect this digital rights struggle to your own community,
and make a space to envision a more free, just world.

Event planning guide:

The event planning guide includes previous years' events for
inspiration, including 8-bit music parties,  podcast episodes and blog
posts, protests outside companies that profit from DRM, flyering
sessions, and potlucks, to name a few. I also provide event planners
with promotion through our geographically-sorted email list, digital
promotional materials, and anything else you need.

///// Want help planning an event?
If you want to plan an event but need help from others in your area,
send an email to the global address@hidden
with a subject like "Seeking someone in [LOCATION] to co-organize for
Day Against DRM".

///// List your event on the LibrePlanet wiki
Once events are added to the list on LibrePlanet people will start
seeing them and getting in touch with organizers to confirm their
attendance or offer help. Don't wait to list your event there!

Event list:

///// Rather write or make something for the Day?
That's welcome too! Send it to us through the communication methods below.

///// Questions?
Reply to this email, send a message to
address@hidden, or join the #dbd IRC channel
on Freenode.

Here's to an awesome Day Against DRM!

Zak Rogoff // address@hidden
Campaigns Manager, Free Software Foundation

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