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[lp-br-sp] [Mumble] Echo

From: Raniere Silva
Subject: [lp-br-sp] [Mumble] Echo
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 09:24:44 -0300
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    What is this weird echo I hear of myself from other users?

    Unfortunately, a lot of popular headsets produce tiny traces of echo. In
    other VoIP products, you will not notice it because the echo is lower than
    the noise level, but as Mumble dutifully removes all noise, the echo
    suddenly becomes clear. There is little the person hearing the echo can do,
    but there are a few things the person producing the echo can do. On Vista,
    we support echo cancellation for any sound card. On Linux, we support echo
    cancellation when using PulseAudio, and on Windows XP we support echo
    cancellation using ASIO (which unfortunately requires a very high quality
    soundcard with ASIO drivers).

    If you are really dealing with "remote echo"–make sure it's really someone
    else lighting up when you hear echo–, and the remote user is using a
    headset, the cause is likely crosstalk between the headphone and microphone
    cables. The headphones have a rather high signal level, while most computer
    headset microphones have very weak signals that get amplified a lot, so
    badly shielded cables will cause issues. Sometimes, it helps to plug the
    headset into the onboard audio connectors instead of connectors on the front
    of the case and possibly unplug the front panel cable from the mainboard.


depois vou ver se consigo usar o PulseAudio para remover o echo que você escutou


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