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[lp-br-sp] Would you like to host another event for Day Against DRM? (Ma

From: Zak Rogoff
Subject: [lp-br-sp] Would you like to host another event for Day Against DRM? (May 6th)
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:50:48 -0400
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This is Zak Rogoff, a campaigns manager at the Free Software
Foundation. If you're getting this email, you've helped organize an
event Day Against DRM in recent years. Thank you, and we'd love help
you do it again! DaDRM 2014 is coming up on Tuesday, May 6th.

For those that don't remember, International Day Against DRM is a time
of year set aside for our community to come together and focus on
helping build a world without Digital Restrictions Management. Here's
the recap post from last year if you'd like to know more about the
International Day Against DRM:

There will be more coming soon on the International Day Against DRM
list (join at
including a call to action on the Day itself, sharable media and
promotions on DRM-free ebooks.

**For now we need your help to help make the day a success, by
planning social events to help spread the word about DRM and give our
community a place to come together.**

We're hoping to have more events than ever this year, and make a big
splash in the media.

Here are some ideas for events (more to come later, and please reply
to this email if you have any other good ones):

* DRM-free music/movies/games party. Challenge yourself to make it so
that none of the media at the event has DRM. If possible, host a
concert by a band that releases DRM-free music. You can refer to our
Guide to DRM-free living at <>
* Hold signs or hand out copies of DRM-free media and flyers about the
issues with DRM (FOSS Bangladesh did this in 2013). You can refer to
our DRM FAQ at <>
* Host a house party/discussion group
* Protest a local store that sells DRM-encumbered products (community
members did this in Seattle in 2013)
* Write a letter to the editor of a publication
* Speak to a local group or get on a radio/TV show

If you'd like to host an event in your area or online, please add it
to the International Day Against DRM page on the LibrePlanet wiki at
. The Defective by Design campaign would be glad to help you promote
it to people around you (see instructions on the page), or you can
keep it to just you and your friends if you prefer.

**Don't forget to join the International Day Against DRM announcements
list for updates:
<>.** If
you'd like to bounce ideas for events off someone, need help
organizing an event or just want to talk about DRM, start a
conversation on the DRM elimination crew discussion list at

- -- 
Zak Rogoff

Campaigns Manager
Free Software Foundation
GPG ID: B5090AC8
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