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[lp-br-sp] event report: Libre Planet São Paulo

From: Raniere Silva
Subject: [lp-br-sp] event report: Libre Planet São Paulo
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 20:22:23 -0300
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Sorry for the long delay. After our event information you will find the report
about it.

> Name: Raniere Silva
> Email: address@hidden
> Title: Document Freedom Day Campinas 2013
> Groupname: Libre Planet São Paulo
> Date: 2013-03-27 (yyyy-mm-dd)
> Description:
> Algumas palestras sobre padrões abertos e software livre.
> URL:
> Location: Campinas, Brazil

In our DFD we have 4 presentations about the themes below:

#. Free Software.
#. Why open format/standards are important.
#. HTML5.
#. EPUB3.

Almost all the presentations had been presenter by a member of the Libre Planet
São Paulo. We invite some ones but they can't attend to our call.

Only 10 people participate in our DFD, but since this is the first event
organized by Libre Planet São Paulo we believe that this is a great number.

We haven't any photo or video to share but all the presentations can be found

Right before we register our event we ask for a promo kit but we only put our
hand on it a week after the DFD. For next year we plan to ask the promo kit
with more time.

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