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[lp-br-sp] Well done, thankyou and what next

From: Raniere Silva
Subject: [lp-br-sp] Well done, thankyou and what next
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 14:12:29 -0300
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Estou pensando me fazer o "relatório" na quinta. Se alguém quiser contribuir só

----- Forwarded message from Document Freedom Day <address@hidden> -----

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 15:30:19 +0100
From: Document Freedom Day <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Subject: Well done, thankyou and what next

        Document Freedom Day has been a huge success so far, and celebrations
are still continuing. We're proud of what what have achieved
together: an exciting, global celebration to spread the word about
Open Standards.Please find translations of this thank you message and
a digest of DFD media coverage below. 

        Because this years DFD was so successful, we need to make doubly sure
that we document everything thoroughly - so now is the time to: 

        * Send us your reports - we want to know about what you did, how
many people came, and how much fun you had!
        * Send us your photos, videos and slides - we are making a video
        * Send us your links - to any news articles, blogs and videos that
you have seen or made yourself: we want to put them all in our report.
        * Send us your comments and ideas for next year's DFD - we want
to hear them.

 Thanks for all your hard work so far, you have been part of something
really special - keep it up!   Best Wishes   The DFD Team    [DE] Sehr
gut gemacht, der DFD 2013 war bisher ein wahrer Erfolg! Vielen Dank
für das Organisieren der Veranstaltungen und bitte vergesst
nicht, uns einen kurzen Bericht sowie Bilder zu schicken!"   [FR]
Félicitations, DFD 2013, la journée de libération
des documents a été un vrai succès ! Merci
d'avoir organisé une manifestation locale, n'oubliez
pas de nous envoyer un court résumé de vos
activités et des photographies !   [ES] ¡Bien hecho, el
DFD 2013 ha sido todo un éxito hasta el momento! Gracias por
organizar eventos, y por favor, ¡no se olviden de enviarnos un
breve informe y algunas fotos!"   [PT ] Muito bem, o DFD 2013 foi um
verdadeiro sucesso até ao momento! Obrigado por organizar
eventos, por favor não se esqueça de nos enviar um curto
relatório e fotografias!   [SQ] Punë e qëruar, DLD
2013 ka qenë sukses i njëmendtë deri sot! Faleminderit
për organizimin e veprimtarive, ju lutemi, mos harroni të na
dërgoni një raport të shkurtër dhe foto!   [RO]
Felicitări, Ziua Libertății Documentelor din 2013 este până
acum un real succes! Vă mulțumim pentru organizarea evenimentelor
și vă rugăm să nu uitați să ne trimiteți un scurt raport și 

        DFD DIGEST  On Wednesday's Document Freeom Day, more than 50
groups held events in 30 different countries to raise awareness about
Open Standards.    Here are some of the highlights from
yesterday's big day.  More events are starting in the next few
days, and more are being created and added to the map... plus, with
the launch of the RMflash campaign [1], the push for more free
documents is just kicking off.    Please send us links to press
articles or blog posts about DFD in your country !     

        * Check out the many, many dents 
and tweets 

        * LibreOffice - The Document Foundation published a White Paper to
coincide with dfd2013 explaining how to "Migrate to LibreOffice to
promote Software and Document Freedom".

        * The Apache Software Foundation published a DFD2013 blog explaining
why are Open Standards important and How is Apache OpenOffice involved
in Open Standards. 

        * DFD 2013 got good coverage by The H Online, with two articles. The
first about DFD in general

        * and the second about the German Document Freedom Award which was
presented to taz.die tageszeitung, a German daily newspaper.

        * Glyn Moody wrote an article about Document Freedom Day and some
recent pieces of news about Standards, like the struggle going on
around VP8 video Standard or the DRM in HTML5 case.

        * The French association April published some great material called
"Open formats, what for?", dealing especially with documents. 

        * On GoFloss there was a great post about the "I cannot read your
document" problem :
[9]   [1] 

        Bilker Allee 173
Düsseldorf, 40217



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